Netflix App Update

An update to the Netflix application is available for the following Miroir projector models:

  • M200A
  • M300A

This update corrects a bug where video image freezes while the sound of the streamed content continues. An update will only be necessary if your Netflix application was installed on your projector before 1/10/2017.

Updating the Netflix Application

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your projector is plugged into power during the update to ensure it does not power off during the update.

1. Launch the app center.
2. Scroll down to the "My Apps" section.
3. Select the Updates icon.
4. Select the Netflix app.
5. Press the "Mouse mode" button on your remote.
6. Select the Update button. Allow the projector a few moments to completely download the update.
7. A pop up window will open when the update has been successfully downloaded, select "Install." The app update will automatically install. Once completed installing, select open in the pop up window.

NOTE: To install any applications or updates on your projector, your projector must be connected to your wireless network.

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