Activation Code


This help article is for users who have a Miroir M20 that requires a one-time activation code. 

How to Enter the Activation Code

The one-time 6-digit activation code can be found on your sales receipt. Digits are entered using the volume up [+] and volume down [-] buttons on the projector. These buttons are located on the side of the projector. 

  • Press the volume up [+] button to scroll through numbers from 0 to 9.
  • Once you have the correct number displayed, press the volume down [-] button to confirm the number entered.
  • Repeat this process to enter all 6-digits of the activation code.

Once the 6 digit activation code is fully entered, you can begin using the projector. NOTE: Once activated, the code is no longer needed.

Lost or Missing Activation Codes

Activation codes are only required once before the projector is used for the first time. Lost or missing activation codes can be retrieved online,, or operators are available 24/7 at 888-456-3472. NOTE: These operators will only be able to assist you in retrieving your activation code, they will not be able to provide instruction on the operation of your projector.

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