Other Devices

Device Model Wired Connectivity

Available on all projectors. 

Wireless Connectivity

Only available on Miroir Projector model numbers MP150W, M200A and M300A.

GoPro, digital camera, or digital camcorder with Micro HDMI port

Micro HDMI Adapter (included in the box)+ HDMI Cable (included in the box)

Not available

Gaming consoles with HDMI port (such an Xbox or Playstation®)

HDMI Cable (included in the box)

Not available

Google Chromecast


These devices plug directly into the HDMI port on the projector.

NOTE: Both the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick require a power source. The USB power cable can be plugged into the USB Out Charging port on the projector (if applicable) or can be plugged into a USB wall outlet.

 Not available


NOTE: Additional models devices may be compatible with Miroir projectors if they support HD video out which can be confirmed by your device manufacturer.

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