Connect to a wireless network


This article is for users with a Miroir projector model with a built in operating system (M200A and M300A) that can be directly connected to your wireless network. 

Connecting to a Wireless Network

Follow the instructions below to connect your projector to your wireless network:

  1. Select the Settings  icon from the projector's home screen.
  2. Scroll down to Wi-Fi on the Settings Menu.
  3. Select Scan to search for nearby available networks.
  4. Select the desired network from the listed options. 
  5. Enter the required network credentials, then select Connect. Allow the projector and
    the network a few seconds to sync.
  6. Press the Home button on the remote to return to the projector’s home screen.
    The wireless icon will be displayed in the projector’s home screen status bar if the
    connection setup was successful. The number of blue shaded bars on the icon
    depicts the strength of the wireless signal.

    Not Connected

    Weak Wireless Signal

    Strong Wireless Signal

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