Firmware Update for M220: Safari Netflix/Amazon Video Content via USB-C Bug


This help article is intended for users who are seeing an HDCP error when viewing Netflix or Amazon Video content in the Safari browser while connecting their Miroir M220 or M220A via the USB-C video cable. If you are unsure if the update is required for your product, please reach out to our customer care team to confirm.

Updating the Firmware

Date of Update: 11/27/2018

  1. Plug your projector into power. 
    IMPORTANT: Unexpected power offs during the update process may damage your projector's firmware.
  2. Download the update file.
  3. Put the update file on a USB flash drive. 
    IMPORTANT: Be sure the update file name is MERGE.BIN and the file is located in the root folder of the USB flash drive.
  4. Put the USB flash drive into the USB port on the projector.
  5. Power the projector on. The update should automatically install, and when complete, the projector should automatically reset. Once the projector has reset, and is showing the Miroir splash screen, unplug the USB from the projector.

TIP: If the update process does not automatically start a few seconds after you power the projector on, press the reset button on the projector. This will reset the projector and power off the projector. Then, attempt the update process again.

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